Prospects for tourism and energy production as elements of blue growth: A scenario seminar in November

Time: Tuesday 20.11.2018, 9:30 -12:30
Place: Minerva-tori, Siltavuorenpenger 5 A, Helsinki. Room: K221.1

In the seminar methods, results, and data of scenario work will be discussed and elaborated.

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Blue economy includes sectors that operate, make use or are dependent on the qualities of aquatic ecosystems. This seminar focuses but is not limited to the future prospects of two economic sectors: coastal tourism and energy production in marine areas. The seminar is directed to researchers as well as practitioners and users of research information sharing interest on future prospects of blue growth economy. Morning coffee will be served.

In the seminar, we
(1) Take takes stock of the methods applied for studying the plausible futures economic sectors under global scenarios
(2) Present results obtained in earlier and ongoing project
(3) Discuss data and knowledge gaps associated with the prospects of tourism and blue energy.

Agenda 20.11. 9:30 -12:30:

Anna-Stiina Heiskanen: Welcoming words
Kasper Kok: Multi-scale, participatory scenario development using the global SSPs. Examples from the IMPRESSIONS project
Marianne Zandersen: Future prospects and possibilities for coastal tourism in Denmark
Mika Marttunen: Trends, challenges, and risks associated with securing water safety
Kari Hyytiäinen: Future prospects for eutrophication, fisheries and marine traffic in the Baltic Sea – scenario work of the BONUS research programme.
Contributions from other SCR-projects (5-10 min commentaries)
General discussion

If you have any questions, please contact (kari.hyytiainen@helsinki.fi).

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