INVITATION: Offshore Wind Development Workshop, 3-4 June 2021

What weak signals and wild cards can drastically change the development of offshore wind industry and marine space in Finland by 2050? Register now!

The workshop is a sequel to a workshop arranged in January 2021 to identify drivers and scenario narratives for offshore wind development in Finland. Now it’s time to critically assess the results and to open the view for unexpected but plausible events that could impact the development of offshore wind and other uses of marine space. 

We invite you to identify, discuss and rank weak signals and wild cards in future development of offshore wind industry and marine space in two online sessions 3-4 June 2021 at 9-12 a.m.

REGISTER YOUR ATTENDANCE HERE. Please also feel free to forward the invitation to others interested.

The workshop is in English.

Further information:
Maria Malho, Senior Expert, Demos Helsinki: 


The workshop is part of the BlueAdapt research project funded by the Strategic Research Council of the Academy of Finland. BlueAdapt project develops innovative means for supporting sustainable blue growth in food production, energy production and tourism. The duration of the first half of the project is 2018-2021. The project is led by the Finnish Environment Institute. The results of the offshore wind research will be communicated to all interested stakeholders and published in a scientific journal.

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