Thank you for the BlueAdapt Final seminar 5-6th October 2023!

We celebrated the conclusion of our multi-year project with a two-day seminar 5-6th of October!

The Scientific Seminar’s program: Adaptive management of aquatic ecosystems and transformative change of the blue economy governance

Scientific Session I – From source to sea: ecological boundaries and potential of blue growth

Material from the presentations:

Theme I: Improving models to increase the understanding of coastal and lake ecosystems

The role of coupled models and scenarios in adaptive water management and policy (Niina Kotamäki)

Circulation and transport dynamics in the Archipelago Sea (Elina Miettunen)

Large-scale patterns in community composition and functioning of coastal plankton systems (Veera Norros)

Impacts of rapid environmental changes on coastal fishery resources (Heikki Peltonen)

Macrosystem community change in lake phytoplankton and its implications for diversity and function (Benjamin Weigel)

Theme II: Linking environment and blue economy

Introduction to integrated models for protection and management of water resources (Kari Hyytiäinen)

National-scale nutrient loading under climate change and agricultural mitigation measure scenarios (Markus Huttunen)

Towards good ecological status at Archipelago Sea – coastal modelling perspective (Janne Ropponen)

Nutrient load compensation as a means of maintaining the good ecological status of surface waters (Sanna Lötjönen)

Commentary speech: Turo Hjerppe (YM)


Scientific Session II – Politics and regulation of a blue transition: new social scientific and legal perspectives

Theme 1: Effectiveness and legitimacy of regulation

The impact-based regulatory strategy in environmental law: Hallmark of effectiveness or pitfall for legitimacy? (Niko Soininen)

How policy instruments come (not) to have consequences: a new perspective to document analysis (Helena Valve)


Commentary by Professor Janne Hukkinen

Theme 2: Navigating and locating blue transition

Role of planning in blue bioeconomy transitions (Jani Lukkarinen)

Theory of change of water visions (Päivi Haapasaari)

Commentary Professor Nina Tynkkynen


On Friday, 6th October, we held a Breakfast Panel in Kansalaisinfo, Pikkuparlamentti, for decision-makers: How to support sustainable blue transition with policy? 


Saara-Sofia Sirén (kok.)
Krista Mikkonen (vihr.)
Eveliina Heinäluoma (sdp.)
Professor emeritus Markku Ollikainen (HY, BlueAdapt)

Thank you to all panelists and participants for a lively discussion!


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