BlueAdapt-katsaus: Kestävää sinistä kasvua merituulivoimasta

Uusi BlueAdapt-katsaus “Kestävää sinistä kasvua merituulivoimasta – visio vuodelle 2035 …

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Policy brief: Sinisen siirtymän politiikka kestävyysmurroksessa

BlueAdaptin uusi politiikkasuositus “Sinisen siirtymän politiikka kestävyysmurroksessa” on julkaistu. Politiikkasuositus …

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Policy Brief: Sopeutuva vesienhoito

BlueAdaptin uusi politiikkasuositus on julkaistu. Lue se täältä: Sopeutuva vesienhoito …

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Image: Nicholas Doherty / Unsplash

Offshore wind can become an important part of Finland’s energy mix and increase energy independence

The current crisis in Ukraine has further exacerbated the need …

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Image: Fredrik Ohlander

Baltic herring larvae appear earlier and grow faster due to climate change

Herring is commercially the most important species in Finland, and …

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Three issues to highlight in the management of lake biodiversity and ecosystem services in the Anthropocene

Currently, inadequate monitoring data often results in uncertain predictions. To reduce such uncertainty, environmental managers should implement a framework incorporating adaptive management, inference and modelling of lake ecosystems, write Jani Heino and David Angeler

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Ecosystem functioning: Why does it matter and how can we model it?

To understand ecological change also from an ecosystem functioning perspective, …

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Image: Carlos Grury

Multidisciplinary research exploring solutions to combine blue growth and healthy waters

BlueAdapt aims at demonstrating the options and pathways towards the …

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