Image: Jeremy Bishop / Unsplash

6. Vesipuitedirektiivi – Kohti vesien hyvää tilaa

Vuonna 2000 voimaan tullut kunnianhimoinen vesipuitedirektiivi (2000/60/EY) on merkittävä vesien …

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Image: Nicholas Doherty / Unsplash

Offshore wind can become an important part of Finland’s energy mix and increase energy independence

The current crisis in Ukraine has further exacerbated the need …

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Image: Fredrik Ohlander

Baltic herring larvae appear earlier and grow faster due to climate change

Herring is commercially the most important species in Finland, and …

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Image: Tim Marshall/Unsplash

INVITATION: Offshore Wind Development Workshop, 3-4 June 2021

What weak signals and wild cards can drastically change the …

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Image: Moritz Kindler, Unsplash

Policy brief publication event – Kestävän kalanviljelyn mahdollisuudet Itämerellä

The BlueAdapt project has prepared policy recommendations for the development …

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